Podcast 2 – Bitcoin for Beginners Part 2

The second episode with a conversation with Sam Odegbaro about wallets, and exchanges and buying bitcoin. We also go through the process of buying bitcoin on the exchange Coinbase and Sam buys her first bitcoin.

We cover quite a lot, including:

What is a bitcoin wallet?
Different types of wallet and the security each one offers.
What is a exchange?
How to open and account with Coinbase.

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You can read more about Exchanges by clicking here.

If you want to receive a $10 bonus when buying bitcoin (or Ethereum, or Litecoin) with Coinbase you can use this referral link.

You can read more about Wallets by clicking here.

Hardware Wallets: 

Trezor – Click on this link to buy.
Ledger Wallet – Click on this link to buy.

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