Buying Bitcoin can be a little daunting for anyone who is not a computer programmer, or involved in the world of cryptography. The problem is that not much information exists to explain each step for beginners. I feel that there should be an effortless straightforward guide available for people looking to purchase bitcoin using standard payment methods. Knowing some of the basics really helps people to invest easily and store their bitcoins safely. This is the basic mission of the Bitcoin Buying Guide.

You should always do some independent research before using a service and depositing money anywhere. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference, and I would be delighted to hear your comments, or questions. 

Here are the four main steps involved in buying bitcoins:

  1. Choose an offline wallet to safely store your coins.

  2. Decide which exchange and payment method you would like to use: exchanges are reviewed and grouped by payment method.

  3. Sign up/register on the chosen service and validate your account/identity (some sites may require ID verification such as passport, driving licence etc.).

  4. Deposit/exchange your fiat (dollar, euros, pounds etc.) currency for Bitcoins. Withdraw the btc to your offline wallet.